hairy hearts

Cut in half tempeh hearts. The yellow one is with sweet lupin (green pieces are just unripe lupin seeds), the other are a buckwheat-lupin mixture.

Valentine’s day- who cares? Not me.

But if you do- for the love of tempeh- here is the ultimate Valentine’s tempeh- tric: incubate your favourite tempeh in silicone heart shaped bakingmoulds. Also heart shaped cheese making moulds can be used. I covered them with a tray. You can use whatever you want- but please leave out those one-time-use ziplocks.

If you don’t care: good- you can cut the crap and just eat heart shape tempeh whenever you want!

love reusable moulds – hate disposable plastic

Pictures below: half fermented lupin/oat/buckwheat in cheesemould, tempehmoons in silicone baking forms (shows how lupin colonises much faster than buckwheat), fried tempeh hearts. a tiny little bit burnt. as usual. do it better.