Fungy Teachers

Plant-based protein foods are what we are going for. This passion became a speciality and over the years we have build up a fair amount of know-how which we would like to pass on. And what we don’t know we can find out from our network.

We can give workshops and/or lectures on:

  • tempeh-making
  • cooking with tempeh
  • food fermenting like kombucha, mjölksyrning, kefir, …
  • mushroom growing
  • vegan cooking and nutrition in general
  • the importance of plant-based foods in relation to climate change and environmental issues
  • future foods in a Nordic climate

For professional food companies, we can offer assistance in product development and tempeh-related production set-up.

Working on projects in Belgium, Karlien De Temmerman built up plenty of wonderful experience helping restaurants and industrial kitchens to “veganise” their menus. We can help with menu development for schools, hospitals, and even fancy restaurants!